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Solutions for industrial and large customers

We are one of the most active trading companies in the Polish market – Alpiq is present on all electricity trading platforms. We specialise in electricity trading as well as sales of electricity to large consumers. Alpiq provides scheduling and balancing services, mediates the purchase and sale of renewable and cogenerated energy certificates.

Alpiq offers customised energy solutions that optimise your operating costs and ensure reliable electricity supplies. You have the choice of supply according to agreed fixed schedule or flexible schedules resulting from your consumption.
Electricity prices and terms of payment are defined individually based on the planned structure of the supply and the current market situation taking into account the optimisation of credit risk and energy purchase costs as well as competitive level of offered prices.

Large industrial clients interested in our offer are asked to complete and send us the attached questionnaire "Questionnaire for end users" to following addresses:

or contact us under the number +48 22 579 65 49.

Profit from our synergies

We will advise you on portfolio optimisation, provide resource planning support and settlement services. And we will be delighted to pass on our knowledge of the Polish energy market to your employees at training events and seminars.

Alpiq cooperates with almost all of the important players in the Polish energy market – for your benefit, too. Partners include power stations, energy distributors, other trading companies and major industrial enterprises. And you, the customer, profit from these synergies!


Alpiq Energy SE Spółka europejska Oddział w Polsce

ul. Lecha Kaczyńskiego 26

00-609 Warszawa


T: +48 22 579 65 25

F: +48 22 579 65 27


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