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Artykuł: 29.04.2008

Kladno: New boiler meets strictest environmental standards

Kladno thermal power station

Alpiq Group subsidiary Kladno Energy Businesses (KEB) has begun preparations ahead of the construction of a new boiler to replace the existing unit. The new boiler meets the EU's strict environmental requirements and will cover the growing demand for energy in the city of Kladno, near Prague.

Alpiq's Czech subsidiary upgrades power plant

Construction of the new boiler will allow KEB's ECKG power plant to meet the emission limits stipulated by the EU's strict standards well ahead of their implementation. Under the terms of Czech government ordinance 352/2002 Slg., these standards will become mandatory from 1 January 2016.

Massive cut in emissions

The aforementioned ordinance defines the limits and other conditions for the operation of stationary air-polluting combustion plants. "Compared to the existing boiler, the new equipment will not only generate energy more efficiently but reduce specific sulphur dioxide emissions by a factor of seven and nitrogen oxide by a factor of three," says engineer Milan Prajzler, General Manager of ECK Generating.

Old boiler dates from the latter half of the 1970s

The coal-fired K3 boiler connected to two turbo-generators (TG9 and TG12) is the oldest and most inefficient boiler of the ECKG power plant complex. At the time it was commissioned in the former Czech Republic back in the second half of the 1970s, it represented the state of the art. But despite undergoing a much-needed overhaul in recent years, it is rapidly reaching the limits of its capacity to meet environmental limits and the needs of a rapidly growing agglomeration such as the city of Kladno near Prague.

K7 scheduled to go live in 2014

The new K7 boiler, equipped with a new turbo-generator, will be more efficient than its predecessor, not only delivering heat to Kladno's district heating network and industrial zone, but also increasing electricity production. "We asked the ECKG management to push ahead with this upgrade, because the allocation of EU funds is assured only until 2013. After then, it's difficult to estimate what our options will be. This, and the fact that the existing boiler needs to be replaced in any case, prompted us to recommend implementation as soon as possible," says engineer Dan Jiránek, Mayor of Kladno. The K7 boiler construction project is currently in the planning stage, with the start of construction scheduled for 2010. The K3 will be decommissioned once the K7 goes into operation.


The ECKG power station complex near Prague supports Alpiq's trading and sales activities in the Czech Republic. Alpiq acquired the complex of four power station units in 2002. Coal is the primary fuel, transformed by state-of-the-art technology into electrical and steam energy outputs. Efficient exhaust gas purification equipment reduces emission figures: environmental protection and clean air were key factors in the construction design. Three of the four plants have been designed for electricity production with a steam draw-off.

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